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Eryn Black was born in East LA California and grew up in the small City of Sierra Madre nestled in the foothills above Pasadena CA. Raised in a theatrical family she was encouraged in her pursuits of writing, performing and technical theatre from a young age and after receiving a Bachelors of Arts in Theatrical Lighting Design from CalArts she continued to work in theatre while discovering a love for the Romance Genre until at last she brought pen to paper with the tantalizing spice of Erotica. For nearly ten years Eryn has explored the Romance Genre through Erotic Romance in both Contemporary and Historical fiction as well as Paranormal Erotic Romance with her Nephilim War series and on occasion enjoys toying with what she likes to call her “Fade to Black Romance”, offering stories that warm the heart while leaving only a slight blush to the readers cheeks. Recently Eryn branched out from her beloved Romance into the world of Horror and Suspense under the pen name Rebecca Cichy with her Wolf Tales series. As a Dyslexic author, Eryn has worked hard tackling obstacles while trying to offer up encouragement and help to others struggling with a learning disability that have a dream to pursue writing.



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